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Tourist information for Kakadu, Australia

Waterfall in Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is one of the icons of the Australian tourism scene. It is an absolute must see for anyone coming from overseas for an Australian holiday. No such holiday can be complete without a visit to Kakadu. The park is located about 200 kilometers from Darwin in the north of the Northern Territory. This region combines a coastal wetland that is interspersed with tidal rivers coming in contact with magnificent stone ramparts that divide the coastal region from the older rock of the inland. The rivers and swamps are all infested with salt water or estuarine crocodiles that inhabit every creek, river and waterhole so tourists should exercise great care when travelling in the region. Huge, spectacular waterfalls, tumble over the rocky escarpments creating awesome spectacles and the region has been home to the local Aboriginal tribes for thousands of years and evidence of their inhabitation can be seen from rock paintings that are on display in many parts of the park.

There is a magnificent visitors center in the park. It is near the town of Jabiru and every visitor to the park should take the time to visit it. The display there will educate you to the history and significance of the park and will prepare you to venture out to see its many fabulous attractions. The "Yellow Water" lagoon is a great place to visit. Here there are boat trips into the swamps and accommodation in luxury resorts, and hotels, meals and a caravan park and camping area. Some of the must see destinations within the park include Norlangie Rock which has immense historical significance to the local aboriginal tribes and its caves and overhangs are covered with fantastic examples of Aboriginal rock art. Some of the region will require a four wheel drive vehicle to see the best of the attractions. These can be hired in Darwin or you can join a tour in a four wheel drive vehicle. Jim Jim falls are one of Kakadu national parks most spectacular sights, however they can only be reached via a four wheel drive track that will take about two hours to traverse.

View of the beach

Kakadu is a favorite destination for sports fishermen. The mighty Barramundi is at home here in all of the rivers and waterholes and fishermen come from around the world to try their luck. The main target is a Barramundi over a meter in length. There are a number of charter boat operators based in Darwin conducting fishing and accommodation packages. Most of the fish are caught on a catch and release program.

If you are coming to Australia then you must make a Kakadu national Park holiday, part of your itinerary.

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